two lost birds | poetry

Yogyakarta, 2017.

when two birds flying in the faith of coming back.
they’ll miss their home as two lost birds.
but each of them will find a new journey.
the wind guide them further as time passed by,
they’ll eventually forget the idea of being home.
and, so do we.

somehow the moon will take us back to where we belong.
the sun and its sorrow will be destroyed, and our feelings become so strong.
we will find the direction to get away from a throng.
you and i will be the two birds listening to folk songs.

you were the home to my lungs,
until you forget that i’m breathing.
you took me to the sea you admire. my dear,
we’ve been staying there for too long, and,
i’m dead, but you’ll never realize.

—  two lost birds.


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